Render and compositing wip Chimp

I did a bigger render and comped it in After Effects. Mainly to see a temporal result and look at what might be wrong. Like for example: more definition in the upperlip and lips and less definition in the nose section.

The main face and the hair are rendered seperatly because the Phyisical renderer doesn’t like hair to render.

Chimpansee comped


Building the Chimp

I’ve been working on this personal project for months now. I didn’t always had the time to continue nor to work continous on it. But it’s already a lot further then when i started. I got to know the sculptingtools a lot better and I’ve worked out the pipeline needed to go from initial sketch/sculpt to (semi-)finished model. I still have some work on the textures and the hair. But it’s getting there! :)

Some WIP’s:

WiP Chimpanzee



Testing the hairmodule

Trying to get me some decent hair, you can see how I went through different stages of the hairmodule and hair-material. Fun times!

Speaking about times: Render time of most of the images was less then 30 seconds at a resolution of 800×600. Decent enough for some testing.

Testing different hairs


A ball in the water

An other doodle with Chris Schmidts technique. The technique is not needed per se for this image but i went with it.